My feelings about Animals

Ever since I was little, I have always been in love with animals. When growing up, I have even had some pets. This webpage is about some of my favorite animals.


Dogs are for sure one of my favorite animals. Even when I was little, me and my family had a dog (Boxer/Pitbull mix). My favorite type of dog would probably be a golden retriever or a labrador.


Horses are probably my top favorite animal. This is because in my opinion, they are very fun, playful, energetic and they also have very distinct personalities. Also, horses seem to have very strong bonds with humans.


Another favorite animal I like, are turtles. I especially like baby turtles because they are so small and cute. When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher even had a pet turtle and she kept the turtle as our class pet.


Another one of my favorite animals are probably pandas. This is because pandas are beautiful animals and they are furry and cute.


The reason why monkeys are one of my favorite animals is that, in my opinion, I think that monkeys are really smart and their fur is also very soft. Also, they often make people laugh.